The North Coast 500 route is a circular driving route starting at Inverness and ending at John O’Groats in Scotland. Measuring around 500 miles in total, you’ll have the chance to witness all the breathtaking scenery this part of Scotland has to offer, including the many mountains, lochs and pristine beaches. Although the route can be taken in either direction, we recommend going anti-clockwise. This way, you’ll have a chance to take in all the scenery rather than leave it behind.

Why North Coast 500 in a Motorhome is Best

There are loads of reasons why the North Coast 500 in a motorhome is better than other options like bed & breakfasts or camping.

During North Coast 500, accommodation is often difficult to find. Rooms may even need to be booked months in advance. Then there’s the issue of having to re-pack your belongings each time you move on. With a motorhome, these problems are eliminated.

You can pull up where you want, within reason, and go at your own pace. There are lots of campsites to choose from, and you won’t have to waste money on tea rooms or cafe’s as you’ll have all the amenities you need on-board.

Things to Do when Completing North Coast 500 in a Motorhome

Our first piece of advice before setting off to the North Coast 500 in a Motorhome? Prepare in advance a list of everything you want to do during your trip. But be realistic as there won’t be time to do everything!

As part of your itinerary, consider these activities when visiting Scotland.

  • Scenic Drives. Drive the North Coast 500 route anti-clockwise to experience the views. Remember to take lots of photos along the way!
  • Picnics. Did you know the North of Scotland has some of the best beaches in Europe?
  • Castles. While some are now total ruins, others are well maintained and offer a fascinating insight into Scotlands rich history.
  • Whiskey Distillery. There are around 100 independent whisky distilleries around Scotland. So make a ‘wee dram’ part of your NC 500 route!