Vodafone S5 or S7 Tracker

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    You’ve invested in your pride and joy. Now, you need the peace of mind knowing that
    it’s safe: Vodafone Automotive S5 or S7 monitors your vehicle so you don’t have to.

    In 2019, there was theft or unauthorised taking of more than 106,000 vehicles* and the Crime Survey for
    England & Wales shows that 60% of stolen vehicles are never recovered**. With these trends, it’s no surprise
    that Insurance companies often require Thatcham approved tracking devices, to be fitted to vehicles which
    are worth over £50,000.

    Advancements in vehicle tracking technology, such as Vodafone Automotive S5 and S7, is at the forefront of
    countering these trends. By providing industry-leading, specialist stolen vehicle tracking protection, you can
    rest assured that if the worst does happen, there’s unparalleled support on hand to retrieve your vehicle as
    quickly as possible.

    These systems use the latest GPS/ GPRS/GSM technology, providing pinpoint accuracy and unrivalled service
    levels, with recovery of vehicles via police liaison conducted in local language through Vodafone Automotive’s
    network of Secure Operating Centres across 54 countries globally.

    *ONS UK
    ** Crime Survey for England & Wales, 2017-18