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    We all know that feeling, using the cooking/heating system in your caravan or motorhome and the gas suddenly cuts off. Having to find a supplier who can swap your empty gas cylinder for a full one can be challenging.  Even worse, you’re travelling through Europe and the cylinder the local suppliers carry is not compatible with your systems.

    Refillable gas cylinders can replace your ordinary cylinders, so instead of trying to exchange cylinders in unfamiliar countries or having to wait until your gas cylinder is empty, you can pull into a garage and top up your cylinder with LPG at any time to suit yourself – just as you would with your petrol or diesel.

    LPG (Liquid Petroleum gas), is the same gas used in your non-refillable cylinders, making it now possible to fill the cylinders yourself in a lot more quick and efficient method. You do not have to buy a full cylinder each time, only topping up what you need making the system a lot more cost-effective.

    Gaslow Refillable Cylinders come in various sizes (6KG, 11KG), so they can be sized and made suitable for any caravan or motorhome and can be supplied in a single-cylinder set up or paired with another, giving you twin cylinders and the capacity to hold as much gas as you could need.

    Typically a 6 kilo exchange bottle in the UK costs in excess of £25.00, and holds approximately 11 Litres of gas, thus a fill up from empty at a pump, price of 60 pence per litre, means that you can fill up for approx. 1/4 of the normal cost of an exchange cylinder. Pump prices around the country vary depending on the region, and don’t forget also that these pump prices include road duty and extra VAT, so if you have your own supply of LPG it can be as little as 32ppl.