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Key Features


Welcoming a brand new coachbuilt range to the Expedition collection.

All models in the range come with a Hi-Line body as standard and four travelling seats as standard, making them the ideal leisure vehicle for a family who want a spacious area.

All of the models are built on a new series 8 Fiat Ducato in Expedition Grey and a high contrast interior styling including light Salinas Oak and dark grey panelling.

The C63 has as standard a lounge dinette layout with the option of having a dinette as a cost option. As with all Auto Trail motorhomes this features a well appointed kitchen and separate shower.

To view the Expedition Coachbuilt Range Brochure please click here

Cost Options

16″ Alloy Wheels £672.00

Pleated cab and passenger/driver window blinds £590.00

Double Din radio with Apple Carplay £395.00

Additional Leisure Battery £200.00

We have the following Expedition C63 models available:

  • SOLD!!! Expedition C63, 140 Bhp, Manual, Colour Expedition Grey, Lounge dinette, Remis Cab Blinds and Alloy Wheels – due October 2021 SOLD!!!
  • Expedition C63, 140 Bhp, Manual, Colour Expedition Grey, Double dinette, Remis Cab Blinds and Alloy Wheels – due February 2022
  • Expedition C63, 140 Bhp, Manual, Colour Expedition Grey, Lounge dinette, Remis Cab Blinds and Alloy Wheels – due May 2022


Length 6.34m


2.3 (140Bhp)

Whats Included

Warranty Details

Habitation compartment warranty

Your Auto Trail Motor home is offered with a two year manufacturer backed warranty for its’ habitation compartment, with the third, fourth and fifth year warranty (excluding water ingress and delamination) provided by MB & G Insurance (please note certain exclusions apply).

Chassis warranty

Fiat provides a manufacturer’s warranty for the base vehicle (as supplied to Auto Trail) for a period of two years, with the third, fourth and fifth year warranty being covered by MB & G Insurance. For any issues with the base vehicle in the first two years please contact your local Fiat dealer, for any issues on base vehicle in the third year please refer to either your supplying dealer or MB & G Insurance.

Your base vehicle warranty is subject to the terms and conditions contained in the respective chassis manufacturers’ service literature and MB & G handbooks supplied with your vehicle. Your vehicle must be serviced in accordance with the chassis manufacturer’s requirements.

Body construction integrity warranty

For Auto-Trail vehicles from 2012 model year

On all new Auto-Trail and subsequent brand Motorhomes and vans sold to final customers and registered in the United Kingdom, Auto-Trail VR Ltd offers a 10 year Body Construction Integrity Warranty under the following terms and conditions:

General presentation of the 10 year Body Construction Integrity Warranty:

Years 1 to 5:

During the first 5 years, the warranty ensures the full coverage of all encountered water ingress issues or defects i.e. 100% of the material and labour necessary to carry out repairs agreed on by Auto-Trail VR Ltd with prior approval. For panel vans, the warranty does not cover the chassis, but does cover every converter cut aperture.

Only applicable for 2019 Auto Trail Motorhomes

For all 2020 Auto Trail Motorhomes a warranty upgrade must be purchased providing water ingress cover from years 6 to 10

Years 6 to 10

From year 6 to year 10, the warranty covers the sole repair or replacement of permanent joint seals, however, the Customer will have to bear a part of the incurred approved repair costs (spare parts and labour). The amount of the customer’s participation which is paid on a public recommended price basis increases each year as follows:

Years 6 to 10
Year 6 20% in year 6
Year 7 30% in year 7
Year 8 40% in year 8
Year 9 50% in year 9
Year 10 60% in year 10



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