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Fiamma Awnings


A Fiamma awning is a perfect example of how versatile your motorhome really can be. With a Fiamma awning you can literally double the space available to you with the minimum of fuss. This is because Fiamma awnings are designed to be as easy to use as possible, meaning that they can be deployed in a couple of minutes by people of all ages and builds.

There are many practical advantages to having a Fiamma awning on your vehicle beyond the obvious increase in square footage. By having the external sheltered space created by the Fiamma awning, you have somewhere dry and convenient to hang wet clothing or dump muddy boots without making a mess of your lovely motorhome interior. Fiamma awnings also allow you to leave the windows of the vehicle open to aid air circulation without inviting the inclement weather indoors. The next step up from a Fiamma awning is a Fiamma privacy room. Like the Fiamma awnings, the Fiamma privacy room provides a sheltered dry space on the exterior of the motorhome, but adds walls, windows and a door to completely enclose the space.

Tyne Valley Motorhomes can offer a variety of different Fiamma awnings for sale on our motorhome accessories page. All of the prices quoted include the cost of fitting your Fiamma awning, although there may be an extra charge if adaptors are required. To hear more about our Fiamma awnings please contact us through our enquiry form and our aftersales team will be in touch shortly.