Selling a motorhome can sometimes be a hassle. Before it is even listed, it probably requires thorough cleaning and perhaps even a bit of maintenance. Then, when you’re finally ready to list, choosing the best option can be difficult. There are often hidden charges, and you can’t always be sure you’re getting the right price. Fortunately, Tyne Valley Motorhomes can buy your old motorhome and do all the hard work for you.

How to Get the Best Price for Your Motorhome

Presentation is the most important thing. In fact, you can add hundreds of pounds to its value simply by doing a deep clean. On the outside, clean all the windows, wheels, and the door shuts. Then inside, remove all rubbish, clean the upholstery and give seats and carpets a good vacuum. Make sure that the plumbing and electrics are working correctly and that the water, fuel and gas canisters are all topped up. Finally, check you have all the correct documents for vehicle ownership like MIN, VIN and VRM, along with the MOT certificate and service books. If you include any accessories or tools in the sale, make sure to mark these clearly. If it’s a cold winter’s day, you could also put the heater on to create a cosy interior. 

Where You Can Sell Your Motorhome

When selling your motor home, you have a couple of options. You could list it as a magazine advert. However, as the buyer can’t speak to you face to face, it’s difficult for them to access all the details. For this reason, its necessary to put together a really detailed advert. This, in itself, can be time-consuming.

Another option is to sell it online. It’s similar to an advert, and again, you’ll need to be detailed in your description. You’ll also need to pay a fee. Selling at auction might be something you’d consider. You will need to pay commission on the sale though. 

In our opinion, the best way to sell your old motorhome is to sell it directly to a dealer either through part exchange or outright. It’s the easiest way to sell your motor home. You won’t have to interact or haggle with the buyer, there are no hidden fees, and the hassle of having to put a detailed ad together is eliminated.

Why You Should Trust Tyne Valley Motorhomes to Buy Your Motorhome

We are a long-established and experienced family run business who work hard to provide a great experience to our customers. Initially set up by husband and wife team Derek and Elaine, the company is now run by the capable hands of their son Jonathan. They outgrew their original site over seven years ago and are now located at Byermoor. Thanks to a program of development and investment over the last four years, they are now able to display 100 new and used motorhomes at their site. They also have plans to re-locate their off-site service centre to Byermoor, including a sales office and customer centre.

We take all the hard work away of you having to sell your motorhome yourself. We consider all ages, makes and models. It doesn’t matter where you are based in the UK. We offer a free nationwide collection service. We also provide instant bank transfer payments. We offer the best price, and never include hidden fees in the sale. What do you have to lose?