The Different Types of Campervans

The term campervan is not only used in the automotive world, but in other spheres of life. A campervan is a small vehicle with a side-mounted or front mounted open-topped cab and long length. There are two types of campervans – open and closed – each with their own pros and cons. Open-top campervans can be popular because of their convenience as they can be towed by vehicles such as cars, buses or trucks and also can be used as a camping trailer. However, they do require a separate licence to drive for the purposes of camping and can also be susceptible to inclement weather. Closed-top campervans are used extensively as these vehicles require two-wheel drive so they are ideal for touring.

What Size of Campervan Do You Need?

Campervans come in different sizes. For a start, the “version” you want is totally dependent on how much space you have. But here are some key dimensions to consider. If you’re looking for a small vehicle, there are two sizes: Tiny and Medium. For an urban and suburban use, you’ll want a slightly larger version: Medium.

Choosing the Right Engine Size

There is a huge range of campervans on the market today, with several different engine sizes to choose from. This is not about which van is the fastest, but more about the type of terrain that you will be traveling on. If you are a keen hiker and need more room for camping gear, a campervan that has a higher-power engine will provide more power and higher off-road capabilities. If you are going to be taking your campervan to places that are flat and regular, such as camping destinations like campsites or marinas, a lower-powered engine will not be useful for you. You will need a campervan with a more powerful engine for mountain and beach driving. Fuel Efficiency Another consideration when selecting a campervan is fuel efficiency.

Things to Consider

Do I need a small van for day trips and shopping? Are there any recommendations to reduce your fuel costs? How much space do I need for my family and friends to spend time together? Can I fit my holiday car with extra storage? Is there a way to extend my van’s travel range or pay less for fuel? Do I need to do any modifications? How long will it take for me to get used to it? How much will it cost me? Do I need to have a valid driving licence? The Campervan Couple’s Checklist There’s no need to have your heart set on a particular brand or model – just buy one that’s right for you and your family.


You have finally found the right camper van that best suits your pocket and lets you experience everything life has to offer. Let us help you to find and purchase the right campervan for you.