What is a 6 berth motorhome?

To look at the average size of a “park model” motorhome (similar to a cabin or campervan that you might purchase), and compare it to the average sized motorhome, the average motorhome has a length of 59.5 feet and a width of 26.8 feet. The average motorhome comes with a slide out on only one side, and two slide outs on one end. The big difference between the average park model motorhome and a 6 berth motorhome is that the 6 berth motorhome has six berths, versus four berths in the typical motorhome. The 6 berth motorhome offers enough space to comfortably sleep 6, plus a full bathroom. Here are some tips to help you find the right 6 berth motorhome Motorhome.

What to look for when buying a 6 berth motorhome

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and buy a 6 berth motorhome. Before you do, here are 6 tips for buying a 6 berth motorhome. #1 – 6 Berth Motorhomes, Ease of Operation A 6 berth motorhome is different to a 5 berth motorhome. With a 6 berth motorhome there are six separate sleeping cabins. So what are the differentiating factors when it comes to buying a 6 berth motorhome? Well, if this is a big deciding factor for your 6 berth purchase. Not only will you be keen on the extra sleeping quarters, but a 6 berth has a little more space overall. You don’t have the problem of very little space where you need it and then also have a bit of space where you don’t.

Factors to consider when buying a 6 berth motorhome

Running length 36″ or 48″ can be considered as the standard for a multi-berth vehicle, but a 36″ motorhome is difficult to maneuver through narrow campsites. Roominess – Do you have a lot of people to take with you? If so, get a 48″ or larger motorhome. Fuel Economy Can you afford to take that extra tank of fuel? Not everyone is willing to take the extra road time to save some money, but you might find that some of these vehicles do have better fuel economy than a 5/7 berths. Size Smaller 6 berths are easier to get around tight spaces. Weight Any extra weight can make the vehicle heavier and less agile on the road. Air Conditioning Check that you get the long hood air conditioner where the extra 2 ft is more than enough space.

What to consider when choosing a 6 berth motorhome

A 6 berth motorhome has a fixed number of berths that comes with the motorhome. If you buy a 6 berth motorhome that sleeps 8 people then your options are still open. What are the 6 berths you should ask about? Option 1: The pull down bunk or bunk on berths. Most models have a pull down bunk, a camp sleeper or two bunk beds that slide under the main mattresses. There are some motorhomes that have a single and a double bunk with space to fold the top bunk down to make a table. There are some models that also have bunk-beds that you could double down depending on if the beds are in the floor and you need some extra height. Option 2: If you want a bed that folds up then you could also consider a bunk-bed on berths that will fold up and bring into the living area when not in use.

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